My review on “Java By Comparison” book

Recently I received a print copy of book titled “Java By Comparison” authored by @simonharrer along with two more co-authors. As the book states “become a Java Craftsman in 70 example”, this book is mainly focused on improving your Java coding skills with set of  examples as best practices.

The book is published on March 2018 and available in amazon to buy,


Below are some key features of this book,

  1. Provides best coding practices/ Code quality
  2. Explanation through Examples
  3. What are do’s and don’ts
  4. Usage of Java8 features
  5. Step by step explanation
  6. Easy to read and grasp the content

This book really helpful to novice and intermediate level programming developers in the industry. Even though the book is not a reference for Java experts, it helps in improving some of the commonly ignored practices and covering the edge cases. Finally I recommend this book to programmers(especially beginners to mid-level programmers) who wants to improve on code quality in a quick span of time.

Last but not least, writing code is not a big challenge but writing good-quality code needs lot of efforts, time and passion. Happy reading 🙂


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