What’s new in JHipster 4.6 release

JHipster announced it’s new release 4.6 version on yesterday. This includes some of the major improvements such as Angular 4.0 support, upgrade Gradle 4 and RTL support.Let us see one by one. You can upgrade in both automatic and manual ways.


  1. Upgrade your version of JHipster:

  2. Run the upgrade sub-generator:

Manual upgrade:

1.Upgrade your JHipster version

2. Remove node_modules folder and run the below command to make sure it is not using older      version.

3. Upgrade the entities  in your project (Optional)

Angular 4.0 Support

The important update in this release is official production ready support for Angular 4.0 release. After doing few tests on BETA version (support for Angular 4) then it moved to official support. It is highly recommended to upgrade your JHipster version if you are already using Angular2.0 or Angular 4.0 versions.Earlier it supported AngularJS(Version1) by default and Angular 4.0 as other option. Now onwards it turns Angular 4.0 as default option and AngularJS option will be removed in the long run.

Gradle 4.0 support

 As we know that JHipster supports maven and Gradle build systems with maven as default option. Recently Gradle 4.0 version is released with great features and lot of improvements. https://docs.gradle.org/current/release-notes.html. The JHipster version upgraded to latest version of Gradle. In future there is a plan to make Gradle as default option.

RTL Support

This release also brings support for RTL (Right To Left) languages. Initially it started with Farsi Translation. In future, it supports other languages as well.

There are around totally 72 issues considered under this release as minor improvements. Please have a look at this change log

Miscellaneous changes:

The JHipster Module sub generator is deprecated and we are going to deprecated message now onwards. You should use commonJS or ES import syntax get generator-base package. Look at this reference for creating modules here

What’s next?

JHipster team is planning to support ReactJS in the near future. It is not going to be just SpringBoot+ Angular(OrJS) projects generator. The github ticket is available here. That means we are going to have Angular and ReactJS as front-end framework options for you.

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