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My name is Sudheer Jonna. Currently I’m  working as a consultant in Singapore. He completed his master’s degree in computer applications from JNTU University. In the past few years, he worked on building various Java and JavaScript web applications based on JSF, PrimeFaces, Struts, Spring, REST, jQuery, Angular, React, and VueJS. He has also worked on many JavaEE and API development technologies such as JPA (Hibernate), EJB, GraphQL, and Sequelize.

He is the founder of the GeekoTek company. He is a long time JSF and Prime products expert. He is also a project member of the PrimeFaces, PrimeFaces Extensions, and PrimeNG open source projects. He is also the author of three other Packt books entitled “Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development”, “PrimeFaces BluePrints”, and “PrimeFaces Theme Development”. He worked as a technical reviewer on a few books. He is a regular speaker, trainer, reviewer, blogger, organizer, and an active member of public forums. He is interested in doing R&D on the latest technologies. You can follow him using twitter handle @Sudheerjonna


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