My review on Beginning Spring Boot 2.0 Book

In this post I’m going to provide my review comments on  ‘Beginning Spring Boot 2.0’ book written by Siva Prasad Reddy. I know the author of this book very well by working as a technical reviewer for one of his previous book titled “PrimeFaces Beginner’s guide”.  This book is divided into 19 smaller chapters to make the concepts clear. Each chapter explains how Spring Boot makes the life easier in terms of configuration and integration with other technologies when compared to plain Spring based applications. This book covers most of the popular Spring boot starter projects with step by step examples in a simple language. Apart from these spring boot modules, there are some dedicated chapters for security, testing, building RESTful apps, reactive programming,  JHipster generator and  deploying the Spring boot applications.

There are totally 304 pages in this book starting from “Getting started with Spring Boot” to “Spring Boot deployment”. I enjoyed a lot while reading and reviewing this book.If possible, it would be great to provide SpringBoot 2.0 specific features in a tabular format.

The book is already published and available in the Apress website .

The source code for all the chapter examples are available here.

What this book covers?

  • What is Spring Boot, how to use and benifits
  • Use Spring Boot auto-configuration
  • Work with Relational and NoSQL databases
  • Build web applications with Spring Boot
  • Apply REST APIs using Spring Boot
  • Create reactive web applications using Spring Web Reactive
  • Secure your Spring Boot applications or web services
  • Introduction to JHipster
  • Test and deploy your Spring Boot applications

Who are the target audience:

Experience Java/Spring developers who would like to learn Spring Boot in a quick time both theoretically and practically.

My final opinion:

I’am highly recommending this book for everyone who want to learn and develop Spring Boot applications in a quick time. Happy reading !!

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